Need A Simple Website OR A Blog?

Need A Simple Website OR A Blog?

Hi Everyone, Do you know you too can get a simple website like mine and start sharing info like School Education, News, Entertainment, Gist, Music/Videos Downloads, Tutorials, Relationship Advice, Business Product, Services and a lot more. for personal and business use.

You too can get a simple website or blog for sharing personal info or for your business without stress. I can create a professional simple website or blog for you which you can update by yourself without stress and less expensive.

Imagine having a website or a blog created for your business or for personal use a cost that less than $50 with lots of features. Surprised right? You don't need to be because i will get it done for you in a professional style.

Need A Simple Website OR A Blog?

This Is What You Get
==> You will get your own custom domain name. This means that you will get your own branded domain name for your site. For Example:, etc.
This means you promote your own brand and people will visit your website using your brand's name instead of or This makes you standout of the crowd.

==> You will get a professional clean template for your website and your website will be mobile responsive. This means mobile visitors will get to view your website and view the mobile version instead of the desktop version. This saves them from consuming their also enables you to make advert available on your mobile version site, be it AdSense, banner, affiliate links etc.

==> I will add share buttons on your site. Share buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Googleplus etc. Will be added to your site or blog. This enables visitors to easily share your contents across social media platform to gain more presence online.

==> Your website will be added to Google analytic tool. This enables you to track your website visitors. With this, you will know where your visitors are coming from. The country they are visiting from, the kind of devices they used, the source of your traffic etc.

==> Your website will be added to Google web master for search engine ranking

==> Your website will be added to Bing web master tool for Bing search engine ranking

==> Your website will be linked to your Facebook and Twitter profile. This means that whenever you publish new content on your website, it will automatically be posted on your Facebook timeline and your twitter timeline. It saves time because there is no need to share it manually.

For Individual
Individuals, be you a student, teacher, lecturer, working class etc. Who Need a Personal Website to Share Information such as News, Entertainment, Music/Videos Downloading, Gist, Tutorials, Educational Info, Relationship advice, Business and services Info etc.

For Businesses
Business owners whether small or large scale business owners who need a simple website to gain online presence and share their goods and services information to vast number of people searching the web every day by day. With a simple website like mine, you can gain online presence and share most of your product information online. People gets to read more about your product (goods and services) before they even call to order for it. That is the beauty of the internet because you get more new customers that searches the web nationwide, home or abroad.

How much Does It Cost To Get This Simple Website Created For You?
Since it’s a simple website like mine, it will be much less expensive because you don't need to pay for hosting it. You only need to purchase a domain name which has been included in the cost of this service and leave the rest to us.

We charge only "$50"
So act fast and get your own website or blog for personal or business use today before the price goes up...

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