Saturday, 20 May 2017

Reviews: Gionee M6S Plus VS Xiaomi Mi 6

Gionee M6S Plus VS Xiaomi Mi 6

Gionee and Xiaomi are two famous Chinese mobile OEM and recently both manufacturers launched their flagship devices for the year.

While Gionee launched the Gionee M6S Plus as their 2017 flagship device with awesome specs, Xiaomi on the other hand launched the Xiaomi Mi 6 also with amazing specs.

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In today’s article we are going to be doing pure specs comparison between Gionee M6S Plus VS Xiaomi Mi 6 and from there you can be the judge for yourself on which of the device you would consider more elegant.

As you will be seeing, there are no doubts that both devices pack premium specs and choice can be made based on individual preferences.

Below is a clear specs comparison image between the newly launched Gionee M6S and the newly launched Xiomi Mi6 device.

Gionee M6S Plus VS Xiaomi Mi 6 specs

Which of the devices above do you think you will go for after seeing their specs or will their price differential be the major determinant factor?
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  1. You know that feeling when you see two hot chick on the road and you fall in love with both of them and then you wanna walk up to them at the same time??

    Lol.. That's f*cking crazy...

    Well, that's how I feel looking at this comparison.

    Honestly, the Xiaomi is looking like a better beast. Though both Manufacturers have their marks.

    Since am a huge fan of big screens, I'd go for Gionee M6 Plus.

    But on the contrary, the Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with Android 7 and Bluetooth 5 and that's tempting already.

    In fact, I give up. Lol..

    Editor @ Techkibay


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