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How To Make Money On MatrixDonor


MatrixDonor is a community of people providing for each other's financial needs on the principal of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence.

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Features include:
• 50% reward for reserved donation within 2hrs.
• 247 Active support.
• 10% bonus on first donation.
• 20% one-time referral bonus.
• N10000 bonus for accumulated 10 referrals.
• Https Secured server.
• Minimum amount of PH is 10k and maximum is 50k

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How MaritixDonor Works

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1. Register
Complete the online registration form with full details, contact number in either the international format or national format, a valid and accessible email account and then wait for an email confirmation link to be sent to your Email. Your MatrixDonor account is now confirmed and you can proceed to Login with your newly registered username and password chosen during registration to access your newly created account. JOIN NOW

2. Add Payment Options
After confirming your newly registered account, you are given the opportunity of adding a Bitcoin account if you have one. Please make sure you always go through, your Notification page, and News Panel of your account, as important updates will be communicated via these media.

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3. MatrixDonor Schedule
Once you’re in your user dashboard, familiarize yourself with your account. Pick a recipient on the donation page; you may split or make a full donation of the amount displayed to you and proceed to obtain recipient details. Get in touch with the receiver to make fast possible donation payment available and immediately funds are transferred or sent. Click paid once fund is paid, then recipient will be able to confirm your donation on other end once fund is received in his/her account.

4. Receive Donation & Incentives

Once you make a minimum donation of NGN10,000  or  more, you’re scheduled automatically to receive a donation  from other participants on a scheduled date. Learn more about re-commitment and percentage help on process page.

Note: There is No Central Account where all the system money flows to (and where it can easily be stolen from). All the money is only in the bank accounts of the participants themselves.
Participants transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries, we only regulate the process - nothing more.


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