Thursday, 20 April 2017

How To Fix Shortcut Virus In Your PC Or External Memory

shortcut virus

There comes a time when you are making use of your flash drives or other external memory sticks to transfer files to your PC and you noticed that all the files/folders in them have been converted to shortcuts and are now 1KB or 2KB in sizes.

These types of issues could be caused by a kind of USB virus and it sometimes spreads to all your external USB memory devices and even to your computer hard drives.

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At this point, when you have been hit with such a virus, do not panic and hastily go ahead into formatting the affected device as doing so might even cause you more problem than you expect.

What should I now do when faced with this type of problem? 

Find the perfect fix that will save you from losing your entire files and even prevent your memory sticks and hard drives from future occurrences;

Step 1. Download USBFix and install it to you system…if your current antivirus gives you warning message while installing, just ignore it or better still you can disable the anti-virus temporarily and go ahead with your installation.

Step 2. After you have downloaded and installed it, run the USBFix and it will scan and recover all the files that were converted to shortcuts from the affected drive and it will also help to prevent future occurrences.

Alternatively, installing and scanning the affected device with SMADAV anti-virus could also do the magic, but the method described above is just the solution to your problem.

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