Sunday, 5 March 2017

Reviews: The New WhatsApp Status vs Snapchat

WhatsApp vs Snapchat

Ok,if you haven't used the new status feature in WhatsApp, then you probably aren't on Planet Earth. Lol...

Now, a lot of users seem to have fallen in love with the the new Whatsapp Status feature to the extent that it's now competing with the original idea - Snapchat.

So, we ask, which do you prefer right now? Does Snapchat still kick it for you? Or do you now prefer WhatsApp?

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Here's our position:

1. Change is always a difficult thing to accept. Y'all that suddenly now hate WhatsApp because of the new update, should just chill. Time will heal.

2. Please understand that just because Snapchat started the stories idea, it doesn't mean someone else cannot take a shot at making it better.

3. Snapchat enjoys first-mover advantage & it's unique filters over WhatsApp

4. WhatsApp stands a better chance of reaching out to a ready audience of your friends by default compared to Snapchat.

5. Not everyone uses Snapchat despite its growing rate of adoption. While there are about 300Million active users monthly, WhatsApp boasts of over 1.2Billion active users monthly. So whether you accept it or not, WhatsApp Status is bound to succeed by default.

What's your thought?
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