Thursday, 16 February 2017

Reviews: WhatsApp vs Telegram

WhatsApp vs Telegram

Hi Everyone! In today’s article we are going to be doing features comparison between these two app, WhatsApp vs Telegram and we are going to be spotting out the differences between both apps.

Which chat app is better?

WhatsApp? or Telegram?

Personally, I'll pick Telegram and I'll tell you why telegram is better than Whatsapp. Let find out below.

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Why Telegram is Better Than WhatsApp
telegram and whatsapp

Just as shown above. But please take note of the following updates:

1. Telegram supports up to 5000 members in a Group; while WhatsApp supports up to 256 members

2. WhatsApp now allows the exchange of media files but up to a size limit that's less than what Telegram supports. Not all formats can be exchanged. Unlike Telegram that supports all formats

3. Channels can be set up on Telegram.

What do you think? Let hear your thought by using comment box below.

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  1. where do you have telegraph ? we dont have this in the uk ?

  2. I've never used telegram before! Will have to try it in the future although none of my friends probably use it either...


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