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How To Activate Eco Bank Mobile App Without Going To The Bank

Eco Bank Mobile App

Hi everyone! In today’s article, we are going to be putting you through on how to set up and activate Eco bank mobile app without going to the bank.

Eco Bank is one of the leading pan African banks operating in different African countries and it is one of the commercial banks in Nigeria.

Just like other commercial banks in Nigeria, Eco bank also have their own mobile banking app that enables customers carry out many hassle free banking transactions with their mobile device, without the need of constantly going to banking halls for transactions.

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As a new or existing Eco bank customers who wish to start using Eco bank mobile app for their banking transactions, here are the steps required to activate it yourself without going to the bank;

• With your phone, head to the store associated with your mobile platform to download/install the Ecobank Mobile app

• After installation, skip the first advert page

• On the next page, select country, language and input the number associated with your Eco bank account and accept terms and tap on the activate button below

• The next page on how you would like to activate, tap and select “Using my debit card detail”

• On the box that will pop up, input your ATM card number (the 16 digits number on the front side of the card) and also insert the card PIN in the space provided and accept  and submit

• At this point the app will validate your details and a One Time PIN (OTP) will be generated and forwarded to your phone number

• Input the OTP received on your mobile number in the space provided

• Next is page to create a  6 Digit login PIN, then re-enter the PIN and confirm it

• Finally after PIN confirmation, your profile will be loaded in the app.

Congratulation! You have just set up an Eco bank mobile app that you can henceforth launch on your device, login with your number and PIN at any time and carry out your stress free banking transactions.

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