Saturday, 21 January 2017

Safer And Smarter Charging Tips For Smartphones

Safer And Smarter Charging Tips For Smartphones

Hi Everyone! In today's article we are going to be discussing safer and smarter charging tips for smartphones below;

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 1. Avoid keeping phones plugged in to mains beyond 100% full charge (avoid overnight charging)

2. Avoid running your phone battery to zero every time. This reduces the cycle life of the battery faster.

3. Do not fret to always maintain a full charge. Keeping battery use between 30-80% charge is recommended to sustain the battery life for longer.

4. While charging, remove phone covers or cases.

5. Avoid exposing phones to extreme temperatures (like placing them on too cold or too hot surfaces) while charging.

6. Phone cases that double as power banks should not be left permanently worn on the phone. Only put them on when your phone battery is low (between 15-20%).

7. Avoid using just any charger just because it fits your phone charging port. Stick to its original branded chargers.

More charging tips coming soon... Stay Tuned!

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