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How To Free Up Your Phone Memory

How To Gain More Space On Your Smartphone

Hey Guys! Today’s smartphones have both inbuilt phone memories which should be enough to store movies, songs, apps and documents.

However, sooner or later your device may become slow, sluggish and unresponsive because it is filled with all sorts of unnecessary data.

How To Gain More Space On Your Smartphone

Uninstall unused apps
Apps are tempting to download because it boosts interest, enhances engagement and ensures ease of access to services. There is every tendency that you may download any apps you find on Google Play store. To free up space, remove the unnecessary apps as well as the one you are not using. In addition, you should always read reviews before you download any apps.

Transfer photos and videos
You cannot delete your photos, videos, and songs due to lack of space. You can transfer them to your personal computer or swap your memory card for a new one. Do not forget to backup using cloud services like DropBox, OneNote, etc.

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Remove bloatware
Bloatware is unwanted software that is included in a computer or mobile device by the phone manufacturer. These pre-installed apps can be very annoying because you cannot remove them except you root your phone.

Root your phone
Rooting your phone should be the last option if you want to gain more space because it has its advantages and disadvantages. Rooting your phone will remove unwanted apps and give you automatic access to Android updates. Thus, providing much-needed space.

Clear cache
When you browse the internet, it leaves unwanted waste called cache on your phone. The more you browse, the more the waste accumulate. So, it is important to always clear your cache. You can gain space depending on when you clear the cache.

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Solving Insufficient Storage in Android Problem Using DiskUsage App
DiskUsage is a small application (185 KB in size) that displays a map of how your files are stored in your phone. It displays the files, directories and subdirectories in a very visual way so you can easily spot which directory or file is taking up lots of space.

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