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How To Create/Register A Bitcoin Wallet [Smiple Method]


Hi Everyone! In today’s article we are going to be discussing simple easiest way to create/register free Bitcoin wallet.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is that one single crypto-currency that has gained lots of prominent over the years and is now legally and widely acceptable as medium of exchange for both physical and digital goods and services.

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Unlike other Bitcoin wannabe digital coins that are springing up every now and then, Bitcoin still remains the only distinctive and unique crypto-currency that has true face value and that is acceptable in many online stores and some offline stores worldwide.

As we speak to you today, a single Bitcoin is equivalent to about $924.15 Dollar.

Though, how to make Bitcoin transactions still remains a mirage to many out there, but we want to tell you that Bitcoin online transactions are as simple as any other medium of online exchange transactions that you know out there.

Bitcoin Wallet is used to carry out every Bitcoin transactions and therefore before you propose to start out on Bitcoin or do any Bitcoin transaction, you need to create your own free Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin wallet is like your portfolio that you will be using to manage all your Bitcoin transactions.

Contrary to what many of you think out there, creating a Bitcoin wallet is simple and free.

Without further ado, follow the steps below in creating your first Bitcoin wallet to prepare you for any Bitcoin transaction;

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 Requirements to creating Bitcoin Wallet

•  Just an Email and Password

Procedures to creating/register your first Bitcoin Wallet

•  Go to Blockchain, as this is the best and the world largest provider of Bitcoin transactions

•  Click on the Wallet menu

•  Click on Create Your Wallet tab

•  Fill in your email, password and confirm password

•  Click on the continue tab

•  You will receive a mail containing your Wallet ID and a confirmation link

•  Click on the confirm email link to confirm your account

Congratulation! You have just succeeded in creating your first Bitcoin Wallet and you can then proceed to Blockchain again, on the wallet menu to log into your Bitcoin Wallet with your Wallet ID and password.
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