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How To Buy A Charger That Can Charge Your Phone Faster

How To Buy A Charger That Can Charge Your Phone Faster

Hi everyone, In today’s article we are going to be discussing how to make your phone charge faster. sometimes you wonder why your phone charges slowly,there are two reasons for that,it could be from the charger or from the phone.

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 The two factors that responsible for making you phone charge slower

1.OUTPUT specifications:most manufacturers usually embed the output specifications in your
chargers. Look very well and you will see it in your charger just like in the picture below;

How To Buy A Charger That Can Charge Your Phone Faster
 How To Buy A Charger That Can Charge Your Phone Faster

If you look at the two pictures above, you would notice that the second picture has more voltage and current than the first one.

Get the concept: the output of the 2nd picture shows an output of 5.3V and 2A(2000mA). An adapter with that rating will provide 4 times the amount of power than that with output of 5.1V and 750mA. This will almost charge your device faster.

All am trying to say is that the higher the voltage, the higher the ampere and the more the current it provides to charge your phone faster.

 For USB cord: you will find out that when you plug your USB cord to your system, it charges your phone very slowly, such that its battery life has barely moved an inch.

Why is it so? When it comes to USB connectors, the standard for every USB is fixed at 5 volts in a way that we can plug in any 2 holes of same size, which provides a current of 500mA. This is enough to make the device detectable by the system but not enough to charge it faster. hence the slow charge that results from USB connections to systems.

2.  What the device is doing at the time matters

While the charger you use can definitely make a difference as to how quickly your device,charges,so will what that device is doing at the time.

Most smartphones, for example are nothing more than small computers, they use more power when they are working hard than they do when they are idle.

What does this mean? Watching videos, playing a game, running a WiFi hot spot on your device while charging your device,in this situation your charger might not be able to keep up, hence charging your phone at a very much slower rate.

I have experienced this when I was charging my phone and running my WiFi hot spot at the same time, my phone took several hours instead of 2 or 3 hours top to reach 100%.

Please Note:-
1. Always buy a charger with a higher ampere and voltage.

2. Try to make sure that your device is as idle as possible.

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