Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Infinix Phone With The Highest Battery Capacity (mAh) Till Date

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Guys! Just Recently, we went ahead to reveal the Tecno phone with the highest battery capacity, and whenever something is said about Tecno, people will also like to hear about that of Infinix, because they are like brothers in the mobile industry business.

And today, we are going to be doing the exact thing that we did to Tecno to Infinix by going ahead to also reveal the Infinix phone with the highest battery capacity till date.

We are doing this because we know that phones with high battery capacity are hot cakes in the market, especially when you are residing in regions that still suffer from epileptic power supply.

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Now, are you going to that mobile market to look for and acquire an Infinix phone with high battery capacity?  And maybe you will even want to get the one with highest battery capacity.

If you are in that position or you just wanted to know for whatever reason, we got you covered.

Now after taking look at all the Infinix devices that Infinix Mobility has manufactured previously till date, we were able to figure out that Infinix Note 3 and Note 3 Pro are the Infinix devices with the highest battery capacity with 4500mAh battery.

For Samsung and other phones coming soon! Stay tuned!
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