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Reviews: Tecno Phantom 6 Plus VS Infinix Zero 4 Plus

Tecno Phantom 6 Plus VS Infinix Zero 4 Plus

Greeting Everyone! Today we are going to be carrying out what we considered as comparison between the best of devices, which is Tecno best device challenging Infinix best device.

Without any doubt, Tecno best device can be seen in the newly launched Tecno Phantom 6 Plus, whereas that of Infinix can be found in the new Infinix Zero 4 Plus.

And like it is said, when two large elephants fight, it is the ground they stood that will bear the most bruises.

We can see that in the battle between Tecno Phantom 6 Plus and Infinix Zero 4 Plus as you will notice only but slight variations in their core specs.

Since they two devices in question are the best devices from their OEM, you should also expect them to be the costliest and therefore you need a big pocket to acquire any of them.

Like we normally do here in comparison, we focus on bringing out the differences between the core specs of the devices being compared and that is what we are going to be doing again.

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Without further ado here are the core differences in specs between Tecno finest Tecno Phantom 6 Plus and Infinix finest Infinix Zero 4 Plus device;

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Get Ready The Phone Wars! It About To Go Down!
•  Starting with display size, Tecno Phantom 6 Plus spots a 6.0inches FUL HD LTPS display while Infinix Zero 4 Plus spots 5.98inches IPS LCD display 
•  Tecno Phantom 6 Plus features 64GB internal memory whereas Infinix Zero 4 Plus has 32GB internal memory 
•  Now for the camera, Tecno Phantom 6 Plus came with 21MP and 8MP rear and front camera, while that of Infinix Zero 4 Plus is 20.7 and 13MP back and front shooter. 
•  Tecno Phantom 6 Plus is packed with 4050mAh battery capacity while Infinix Zero 4 Plus is packed with 4000mAh battery. 
•  Tecno Phantom 6 Plus came with Iris scanner but Infinix Zero 4 Plus lacks that feature but it came with vocal activation feature, which is lacking in the Phantom 6 Plus.
 Finally, coming down to pricing, Tecno Phantom 6 Plus is currently selling for about $412 (N130,000) while the price of Infinix Zero 4 is also expected to be around that price range also.

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