Thursday, 15 December 2016

MMM NIGERIA: Security Expert Insists MMM Nigeria Has Crashed [READ DETAILS]

mmm nigeria

An online security expert, Mr. Aye Dee has reaffirmed that MMM Nigeria has crashed. According to him, MMM is a ponzi scheme and ponzi schemes fail, when the paying stop, and payouts have stopped in MMM. Continue to read his tweets…

“Not a prophet, but I warned Nigerians about MMM crashing in December, seems I was right… Wish more people listened… This is how MMM crashed in South Africa. In May, MMM SA announced a freeze, just like MMM Nigeria did in December, SA still frozen. Unlikely it’ll be up ever again in Nigeria as MMM at anything close to what it was…It has crashed. A ponzi scheme crashes when payouts stop. Payouts have stopped. Knowing it’s about to crash, #MMM Nigeria introduced a 20% bonus on the 7th of December to get people to hand over even more money. If MMM hasn’t crashed (it has), and it ‘unfreezes’, there will be a run on existing accounts which will lead to a crash. So… All of you doing MMM, who regulates MMM’s currency, the Mavro, that’s all you really have in your account, the real money is with MMM. As MMM dies a natural death, many shall take its place, I hope people won’t be as gullible as they were with it… People , MMM has crashed, your money is gone. You can stay in denial till January if you want or you can start working on Plan B right away. Though merely ‘Frozen’ is the wrong term, it’s actually ‘frozen to death’ , seeing as all pre-freeze accounts were ‘cancelled’…” he said.

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