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Reviews: All You Need To Know About iCharity Club - Scam Or Legit

icharity club reviews

Hey Guys! I received mails from our readers to check whether iCharity club is a scam or legitimate website with its trust rating, safe browsing status as well. Let find out if it's safe or scam.

What Is iCharity Club? 
iCharity Club is a peer-to-peer donation platform for members to help other members in a systematic way. By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other. It is open to everybody, anywhere in the world can join this program.

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Once you register,  you are provided with your details including your bank account details.

Immediately you register you will be given your own referral link through which 5 people will register under you. On your page you will see the account to pay to which could either be that friend, colleague or family member that referred you.

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After you donate N6000 to your upline (receiver)
your upline approves your registration
You are now eligible to using your link to receive donation

You will receive a donation of N30000 from 5 people in stage 1

You move to stage 2 by paying N12000 for upgrade to your grandmother(upline's upline)
then 25 people will pay N300,000 to you

You move to stage 3 and pay N24000 to and upline again then 125 people pays N24000 to you making it N3,000,000

the next stage is 4 where you also give out a donation of N36000 and u will receive a donation of N22,500,000 from 625 people .

If you don't belong to icharity then you are yet to withstand the recession of today.

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iCharity is as simple as ABC

if you are interested in icharity all you need is just a token of N6000 as your ticket to your millions for a life time.

Read Carefully So That You Can Get The Deal!

“Do You Know Why People Scare?  What If I Don't Have 5 People?”

 Referring people is not only for you alone to do, it takes joint effort. There are 3 ways to get down lines in icharity;

1. Through your own referrals I.e people you convince and bring in by yourself who register through  your own link directly.

2. Spillovers: those are people who fall under you automatically from your up lines.

3. Random downlines: these are people d system gives u randomly because the system has seen that your downlines are not yet complete 5.

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iCharity Club Website Review
This is Tested and trusted, it is not a scam,   a beautiful and real networking.

WEBSITE INFORMATION ranks #26,105 among over 30 millions websites in World. Ranks #55 in  Nigeria.

Safe Browsing status for is Safe.
This site is not currently listed as suspicious.

HTTP SECURE is using HTTP Secure with the following SSL Certificate.

Since: iCharity Club © 2015

• Join iCharity Club Now!

For More Enquiries or Questioning, Contact Maureen +2348082084958 (Call, SMS, Whatsapp)
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