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40 Common Phone Problems With Their Solutions

40 Common Phone Problems With Their Solutions

Hi Everyone! In today's post we talk about common phone problems with their solutions. Phones can cause problems which seem too complex to handle at the time but their solutions are really simple. Depending on the type of phone you have and whether you signed up for insurance on your device, it may be cheaper to do your own repairs (and void your warranty along the way, of course).

Here Are The Solutions To The Most Common Phone Problems That Users Have Encountered:

1. My Screen Has Cracked! Should I buy A New Phone?
Cracked screens can be replaced as most phones have parts available from various suppliers both online and offline. Do your research before buying a new phone.

2. Phone Cannot Switch On
- ON/OFF key might be bad: Replace the keypad.
- If battery is not functioning: Replace the battery with a new one
- Phone contact point with battery is dirty or bad: Clean it or replace it with a new one.

3. Phone Not Charging
- Use another charger to charge the phone.
- Check the battery if it's well aligned to the polarity.
- Clean the board very well and check if the battery is working perfectly.
- Use another battery to charging the phone.
- Clean the charging port with Methylated spirit.
- Check if the charging port need to be change.

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4. Phone Cannot Receive Calls
- First of all cancel call diverts by ##21#
- Find out if you are out of network coverage.
- Check your network antenna signal receiver.
- Check your phone sim card.

5. I Can't Hear When Someone Calls
- Check the volume button.
- The volume of your phone may be at the lowest level.
- Scroll to tune and increase the volume.
- The earpiece of your phone may be bad and need to be change.

6. Water Damage
- Remove the casing of the phone.
- Unscrew while holding the panel gently.
- Bring out the panel and gently brush with methylated spirit to cleanse it.
- Displayed the phone panel on the sun for five minutes to dry.
- Assemble it back and press on button.
If problem persists, contact the nearest phone engineer.

7. Phone Is On But Switched Off When Receiving Calls
- Check if the phone battery is good.
- Replace the phone battery.
- Remove the phone panel, cleanse the bus line with fluid, while cleaning make sure you don't allow it to touch the component panel.
If problem persists, contact the nearest phone engineer.

8. Phone Displayed Insert Sim Card
- Check If the sim card correctly installed.
- Clean the sim line gently with a clean cloth.
- Re-insert the sim card properly.
- Replace the Sim line.
If problem persists, contact the nearest phone engineer.

9. No Network
- Check if you're in coverage area, if not, move to coverage area.
- Restart the phone.
- Change the network mode to 2G.
- Check the amplifier, RX fiter, TX mutual coupler.
If problem persists, contact the nearest phone engineer.

10. My Smartphone Wi-Fi Does Not Remain Connected
This may solve the problem. Just go to Wi-Fi > Settings > Menu > Advanced and choose to stay connected to Wi-Fi during sleep.

11. Why Do I Keep Running Out Of Memory?
Among other reasons, the most prominent problem can be a full cache which affects the efficient running of apps. You can download apps like Cache Cleaner or Clean Master from Google Play to clean the cache for specific apps. This will free up some memory to resolve the issue. You will also have to either uninstall or move apps to an external SD card to free up more physical memory.

12. My SD Card Is No Longer Recognised
SD cards can get corrupted and the most effective solution is to reformat them using a desktop or laptop PC.  It works more often than trying to format it on the phone itself.

13. My Screen Is Difficult To See In Bright Sunlight
You can increase screen brightness to maximum or use ‘anti-glare’ screen protector to see the screen in bright sunlight.

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14. How Do I Remove Apps?
Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and then select the app you wish to uninstall. Now tap the Uninstall icon to remove the app.

15. Entering My Password Takes Forever
Go to Settings > Security > Set up screen lock > choose enter a pattern rather than a password. Pattern is quicker and securer than a password.

16. How Do I wipe My Android Smartphone Completely?
Go to Settings > SD & Phone storage > Factory Data Restore. Go through the process twice to be completely sure that everything has been removed.

17. How Do I Make The Text On My Android Smartphone Bigger?
Go to  message settings and use ‘Set text size’ option to increase the size of the displayed text.

18. Can I update my apps automatically?
Go to Google Play > Menu > ‘My Apps’ > select an app and choose auto-update option for trusted apps only. This option can be seen half-way down the screen.

19. I want To Hide My Search History
Go to in your Android browser and login. Here you can choose to remove your previous searches and not to save future searches.

20. Some Apps Won’t Install To My SD Card
You may be able to move apps to an SD card using Settings > Manage Applications after installating the app in the phone memory.
- Check if the app is compatable with your phone version.

21. How can I Change The Language On My Phone?
Go to Settings > Language & keyboard and choose the language you require.

22. Can I Remove Pre-installed Apps On My Phone?
You can, but the process will require rooting the device and then downloading an app called Root Uninstaller. This can make your phone unstable and the amount of memory saved will not be worth it.

23. Can I Speed Up My Android Phone?
There are apps available such as SetCPU which will let you speed up your phone through overclocking the processor. It will also let you slow down the processor to save memory. However, you need to be careful because you may end up frying your phone if you push it above the set maximum speed.

24. What’s The Best Way To Backup My Phone?
There are multiple solutions available to backup an Android phone and Titanium Backup PRO is considered to be one of the best solutions available. This app has the ability to backup every part of your phone and even export the backups through email or sync them to Dropbox.

25. How Can I stop Viruses From Attacking My Phone?
You can download anti-virus applications such as Kaspersky Mobile Security, Avast Mobile Security And AVG which offer real-time protection against a host of threats.

26. The Volume On My Phone Is Too Quiet
If your Android phone suffer from low volume then you can download AudioBoost from the Android market. It can increase the volume up to 30% and is also activated from home screen widget.

27. The Live Wallpaper Uses Too Much Battery Life
The simple solution is to use a static wall paper instead.

28. My Clock Keeps Losing Time
This problem can occur if your phone’s clock updates time automatically from your network.  If the network clock is slow, so will be your phone clock. Go to Settings > Date & time > untick the ‘Automatic’ box at the top.

29. Can I Block Unwanted Callers?
If your network provider does not offer this facility then you can download Extreme Call Blocker Droid. This app can block incoming calls but it is not the cheapest Android app available. You can explore other apps on the market too.

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30. My Phone Is Slow At Times. Are There Any Tools To Help?
You can make your phone fast if you remove all unnecessary apps and data you do not need. An app like System Tuner Pro can tune many parts of your phone automatically to ensure the best possible performance.
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31. My Phone Has Been stolen. Can I Track It?
You can install a third party app to help track your phone if it gets stolen. PhoneLocator Pro can remotely track a phone using GPS as well as let you wipe or lock the phone.

32. How Do I Close An App That Keeps Freezing My Phone?
Go to Settings > Applications > ‘Manage applications’. Now choose the app that is misbehaving from the list and tap ‘Force stop’. If the app continues to misbehave try to uninstall and then reinstall it.

33. Can I Close Running Apps Quickly?
You can use the default task manager in Android to deal with running apps. It also lets you manage all of your running apps with a couple of taps.

34. Why Does Auto-correct Not Know All The Words I Need To Use?
Auto-correct cannot possibly know all the words but you can add new ones quickly and easily. When you type a word, look for the ‘+’ sign below the text field, tap it and the word will be added to your dictionary for future use. The more words you add, the more accurate your typing will become.

35. Switching Between Keyboards Takes Forever!
Simply press and hold the ‘123’ button on the keyboard. You will be given the list of all the keyboards installed from where you can choose the desired one in just about a second.

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36. Why Does My Screen Turn Off When Charging?
Go to Settings > Applications > Development and check the ‘Stay awake’ option to keep the screen on during charging.

37. Can I Reinstall A Paid App?
You can reinstall a paid app from the Android Market. Go to  ‘My Market Account’ >  orders tab which include a list of the purchased apps. You can choose an app and then tap ‘Install’ to complete the process. Google Play does not charge you for reinstalling an app.

38. How Do I Know If I Have The Latest Version Of Android On My Phone?
Go to Settings > About phone > ‘System software updates’ > click ‘Check now’. You will be notified if any new updates are available or all the updates have already been installed on your phone.

39. My Phone Has Frozen
You just need to restart your phone to kickstart a frozen phone.

40. Headphone Jacks
Any time moving parts are introduced to a device, it can increase the failure rate. Headphone jacks may not be motorised, but a lot of stress can be placed on the contact points if you're frequently plugging and unplugging your headphones.
Once your device is opened, headphone jacks are relatively easy and cheap to replace, but this assumes you can get in. Devices with unibody designs — such as the HTC One — are difficult to enter no matter what task you're trying to accomplish. Headphone jack units are usually self contained and plug directly into the motherboard, although they are sometimes attached to the speaker assembly.

More phone problems and solutions coming soon! Stay Tuned!  

These are just some of the most common phone problems and solutions. If your phone has developed a fault/problem not described above use the comment box below.
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