Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Passwords That Can Easily Be Cracked By Hackers

Passwords That Can Easily Be Cracked By Hackers

So often than not, we hear about an account hacked, but sometimes its the responsibility of the company while at other occasions we find out it’s the owners of the account, phones, gadgets, debit cards that put each other at risk and the reason is because of the weak and obvious passwords used.
People have grown so lazy and reluctant to several warning to always use the ‘’ do not remember’’ suggestions on their laptops and phones which only exposes them to threat especially online.

All this ”help me withdraw” and giving your debit card to anyone is so wrong and should be stopped.

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It’s a PASS-WORD,its private but sadly, too many people take it for granted. According to a new analysis of the passwords leaked in the recent Yahoo data breach the most popular choices are still “123456” and “password”.

The irony of all of this is that a lot of people try to be smart but then turn out to be folly. It just shows how self centered people are; let me show you an example with a question. When you are required to use a password, what comes to your mind first? It is usually what you can easily remember when it should be something only you can know.

People even go down the line of using date of births, the year they graduated school and many other weak passwords.

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These are passwords used often and they expose you to threat: 
• password
• welcome
• ninja
• abc123
• 123456789
• 12345678
• sunshine
• princess
• qwerty
• space-bar
• 123456
• internet
• keyboard
• market
• school
• church
If your password has something to do with your date of birth, or your name then it is advised you change it and don’t procrastinate, you don’t want to be found wanting. Always remember, your passwords are meant to be private.
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  1. Definitely we have to choose more complicated passwords when just a repeating numbers, otherwise if you are hacked, the password will be decrypted very vast an easily

  2. Thanks for sharing this man!

    I'll also advice folks not to use same password on all online account.

    This is because if one of those sites you're registered on get hacked, hackers could trace your logins to your other accounts and hack them too

    Editor @ Techkibay


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