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Updated: How To Solve SP Flash Tool Errors

How To Solve SP Flash Tool Errors

Hey guys, in today’s article we talk about list of SP Flash Tool errors, their meanings and how to resolve them. Most of us experienced BROM errors during SP Flash tool, Mobile updates and mobile firmware upgrade. BROM errors types can be identified BROM Error Codes. You can get Fix SP Flash tool errors here.
For those who don't know how to use Sp flash tool, please read before you proceed.

===> » How To Unbrick/Flash OR UpGrade MediaTek (MTK) Devices

This sometimes occurs when you are trying to flash a wrong ROM to your device. 

If you are sure that the firmware you are using is the exact one of your device, format the phone before you flash it.

This error pops up when size of the firmware (ROM) you are trying to flash is bigger than the space given on the phone.

Try using another version of sp flash tool. Sometimes this error occurs when using a wrong ROM.

The scatter file loaded is wrong. Load the scatter file of your device.

This error is seen when the com ports on your PC are disabled.

Try enabling com ports in your BIOS

This error is just almost like the the 1003 error. Check if your com ports are available if not enable them. But most of the time using a new version of SP Flash Tool solves this problem.

If you get this error, Use a newer version of SP Flash Tool.

Connection problems. Check USB cord or use another port.

Wrong scatter file used

- Change USB cord
- Use Battery to flash the phone or
- Change the version of SP Flash Tool. (Older versions preferable)

Use another version of SP Flash Tool

Device boots and hangs on logo
Device gets error messages like process has stopped. Device boots and enters recovery mode (mostly happens after using OTA to update a rooted device)

If after flashing the screen of your device shows white or different funny colours
Hear Boot sound, touch pad sounds but screen is dark or has funny colour
Flash device with ROM from a different source. (The ROM used has issues with device)

If the device boot loops that is it stops on logo then returns back after flashing with SP Flash tool,
Do a factory reset
To factory reset your device, boot into recovery by holding volume up and power button for about 3secs select factory reset from the list. (If you see the green android man, press volume up and power button again) you can as well boot into the Chinese recovery by holding volume down and power button for about 3secs then select eMMC from the list.

If after flashing, Phone still hangs on logo and boot sound is stopped half way,

-Try flashing the device using firmware upgrade.
-Download another ROM from a different source

If device just vibrates when you press power button.
Do a full flash.
Download the stock ROM of the device. Download stock ROMs from here
Load the scatter file in sp flash tool
Select all the images present.
Click Download
Connect device and wait for process to complete.

If device displays " Unlock privacy protection password "
Do the following below
Format the device before Download.
To format the device,
Download ROM of device.
Load scatter file of the device.
Goto Format tab and click Start button.
Connect the device and wait for process to complete.
Disconnect your device
Now enter back the Download tab and click Download button
Connect your your device and wait for flash process to complete.

We'll keep adding to the list so keep checking, and feel free to contribute by using the comment box.
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