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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Internship More Seriously

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College days are never complete without the inclusion of internship. In Nigeria, internships are usually scheduled to a year before you write your final exams.

What many students don’t know is that internship or (I.t as it is popularly called) could either make  you.

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Here are five reasons you as a student should take your internship more seriously:

A test Drive for careers
During your first year in school, you must have probably planned on which aspect of your course you intend to pursue. Internship helps to tailor your perception of career. It is an opportunity for you to test the water. It gives you a first-hand experience on how your career might play down.

Internship is probably the first time you will step out of your classroom to sit at the conference table with professionals who have vast experience at your field. It instantly becomes an opportunity for you to learn, ask question, relate and most importantly impress these guys. Everyone love a young chap especially and intelligent one. It is that time that you can make friends and connect with other interns from other schools.

• Resume
Most people after graduation cannot compose a professional resume, the reason is because they feel their resume lacks work experience. Your 6 months internship becomes the first experience you have in your field. Putting this in your CV will be a huge boost and advantage to your job hunt.

Like people say “experience can never be bought”. This is why job experience is very valuable (sometimes more than certificate). Employers believe in your achievement, ability to complete tasks.

This is not something that comes easy for most people. Confidence can be perceived as arrogance especially in the case of people with no job experience. Internship boost your self- confidence. It also helps you to adapt quickly to the work environment.

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