Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Video Calling Feature Goes Live On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp’s anticipated video calling functionality is out. Though presently undergoing beta testing, this new FREE video calling feature is expected to go live on Android and iOS platforms soon.

oh really

Accessing WhatsApp video calls works much the same as accessing voice calls. Tap on the call button in a conversation and a dialog box will pop up asking if you wish to place a voice call or a video call; hit ‘video call’ and you’re good to go. SIMPLE!!!… The feature is also said to allow Group Video Calling as well.



WhatsApp video calling has been highly anticipated since its voice calling function went live in March 2015.

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Skype and FaceTime on iOS are arguably its main competitors in this sphere, while Google’s latest video calling app Duo may/may not pose so much of a threat.

Both caller and the receiver however need to have the WhatsApp video calling feature activated to place a call. Yup! It cannot simply be ‘passed on’ to another device.

The APK for the WhatsApp beta version 2.16.318 is available from here "DOWNLOAD" for those of you that may be too eager to wait for the official release on the major platforms. Though it’s already started rolling out for Android platforms.

What do you guys think? Is a video calling feature on WhatsApp that important? Do you see yourselves using that feature?..Let’s hear your thoughts via comment box below.
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