Monday, 31 October 2016

Review: Top 5 Features In Football Manager 2017

football manager 2017

So I just won the English premier league managing Arsenal but another exciting thing that caught my attention is, the new Football Manager 2017 that is the combination of technology and soccer in today’s world.

Football Manager 2017 comes up with amazing new feature but this is my top 5 besides a numerous more changes.

1. Managerial Avatar

football manager 2017 features
The managerial avatar, a new feature for FM 2016, has been improved. Your face can now be added directly to the game by loading a picture with the aid of some fancy technology making the game more fun seeing your picture representing the team you manage.

2. Scouting New Talent

football manager 2017 features
Scouting new talent has never been easier compared to previous versions. You can now receive highlights packages of a transfer target in action and you can access a more detailed breakdown of their strengths and weaknesses providing you with the option to make the right decision.

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3. Match Analysis 

football manager 2017 features
Match analysis is more advanced than ever, with heat maps and key statistical information including clear cut chances and pass completion ratio at your fingertips thanks to leading sports data and technology company STATS.

4. More Detailed

football manager 2017 features
You can access more detailed in-game information, such as where on the pitch was possession gained and lost, and where each individual touch of the ball was made. New graphics show action zone screens and focus of attacks.

5. Find Any Player

football manager 2017 features
Veterans of the series like me, who are a stickler for details, will be delighted to learn that you can now find a screen of every single player who has played for your club, perfect for one of those long-term saves especially if you need to add members to your staff and keep the club tradition going.

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