Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Leaked Features Are Mind-Blowing


Rumour has it that Samsung might release a new flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S8, by February next year. The aim is to enable the company recover lost ground after the Note 7 fiasco.

The tech giant issued a global recall and suspended production of its Note 7 smartphones after news of some of the units going up in flames made the rounds. The cause of which has been attributed to  faulty lithium-ion batteries.

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Here’s a list of 6 features which makes the Galaxy S8 worth waiting for:

1. Full Edge to Edge Display Without a Physical Home Button

There have been major reports that suggest that Samsung might remove the physical home button in favour of a digital one featured on most Android devices.

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The new device might also feature an edge to edge display, allowing for a much more larger display without the need to increase the phone size. Samsung’s biggest rival in the smartphone business, Apple, might also remove the physical home button from its smartphones next year. The move will then give Samsung a much needed edge over its competitor.

2. 4K Display

4K display is the future and it would make a whole lot of sense if Samsung upgrades its new smartphone’s display to the higher resolution from its current QuadHD panels. “Not only will this allow Samsung to market the smartphone as having one of the sharpest screens of any mobile device, it also makes the S8 into a suitable platform for the next generation of mobile VR,” says Forbes contributor Ewan Spence.

3. Two Sizes, Both With Curved Displays

Samsung has made it a tradition to release two variants of its Galaxy S lineup – a flat screen version and an “Edge” version that features dual curved edge display. However, rumours suggest we should expect both versions to have curved edge displays with the major difference being the display size for the two phones.

4. A Dual Lens Camera

Suppliers of Samsung are currently filling orders for dual-lens cameras capable of taking DSLR-like pictures. A better camera with dual lens should not come as a surprise as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus also packs dual sensors. So Watch Out!

5. A Likely Projector In-Built?

Ok this might sound like a long shot, but there’s a possibility that the coming Galaxy S8 would come equipped with an in-built HD projector. Crazy right?!.. But then, anything goes when it comes to Samsung and pushing the envelope of innovation.

6. USB Type-C Port To Double As The Headphone Jack

Samsung apparently is following its rival Apple, to abandon the headphone jack and use the USB-C port for audio instead. Great move yeah! They just released a pair of wireless headphones dubbed the IconX earlier this year but we can expect a headphone jack adapter with the new phone.

What do you guys think?… Are you excited for Samsung?!…Let’s hear it.. Use the comment box below.

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