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How To Activate UBA Utoken (Soft Token) For Increased Mobile Banking Transactions Limit


It happens that you have been using UBA U-mobile banking app for your fast mobile/online banking transactions and during the initial set up of the U-mobile app on your mobile; you went for PIN request for authenticating your transactions.

But one thing about PIN request authentication method of carrying out transaction is the small amount of allowable transaction limits that are associated with it; for example, it allows you carry out a single transaction only to the tune of N20,000 and has a total daily limit of N50,000 transactions that can be done with it.

Now, you need to carry out higher daily transactions, let say to the tune N500,000 and above, so for that you will be needing a U-token (soft token) and therefore, you will need to change your U-Mobile app mode of authenticating transactions from the PIN method to Token.

Today’s article, we are going to be guiding you on how to get and activate the UBA Utoken for use with your U-Mobile app for increased transactions limits.

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 Without further ado, here are the steps involved in getting and activating UBA U-token;

•  With your smartphone, go to any of your app stores to download and install utoken

•  After installing, click on it to begin the process of activation, and you will be taken to a webpage portal for OTP login, where you will be required to put in username and select the country of your UBA account.

uba u-token

•  At this point, you cannot actually proceed further online if you have not enrolled before for UBA U-Direct online banking that gives you a username or simply you will need to visit a UBA branch to request for a Token activation form, which you should feel according and submit.
uba u-token1

•  After submission of the token activation form in any UBA branch, you will have to wait for about 1 or 2 working days for them to assign and activate your username, and in most cases, your phone number is normally used as your username starting with the 234 prefix. So you need not to go to the bank again for the username, you should just know that it is your phone number.

•  After UBA must have activated your phone number as your username, it is now time to go back to the U-token app that you downloaded to your device for proper activation.

•  You can now launch the U-Token app again and tap it to take you to the OTP login webpage

•  On the space for username, input your phone number starting with the 234 prefix and below it, select the country that your UBA account is domiciled and OK the login

•  On the next page, choose how you would like the One Time Password (OTP) to be delivered to you, whether on your mobile or mail; preferably choose mobile and Ok it to continue, and you should get the OTP as text to your phone.
uba u-token2

•  Next page will request you to key in the OTP delivered to your phone, so do so and OK it.
uba u-token3

•  Now click on the Activate U-Token tab on the next page and you will be taken to the U-Token app on your mobile.
uba u-token activation

•  There, select a 4 digit secret PIN for your U-Token and confirm it, then tap on submit and your first token will be generated.
uba u-token pin

•  You can decide to copy the generated token and exit and you have just succeeded in activating your U-Token.
uba u-token

uba u-token

After the activation process above, you can henceforth be using the U-Token app to generate token for your U-Mobile transaction authentication, and in our next post, we shall be showing you the simple steps involved in switching your U-Mobile app transaction authentication from PIN to Token.

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