Tuesday, 25 October 2016

5 Games That Made Our Childhood Awesome

5 game that make our childhood awesome

Part of growing up is making friends and having certain people influence you or introduce to some things. As kids all you can possibly think about is food, school and games, especially games.

Most times, these games become addictive and get us in trouble with our folks.

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Here is a list of some of those games we just must thank for making our childhood awesome.

1. Super Mario


Super Mario! The game that has a very weird  soundtrack which most people don’t pay attention to. The game got us through our childhood, It was a game that went viral thanks to SEGA that provided that awesome cartridge.

2. Tetris Brick Game


Oh! The legendary brick game. Before the video game came into existence, we had to settle for the brick game which made use of dry battery cell.

3. Mortal Kombat

mortal kombat

Who can ever forget the “finish him” phrase.This game was also an addictive game because of its fighting tournament that made sure the fighters that lose are evicted. It was fun playing the game with family and friends.

4.Tomb Raider

tomb raider

Tomb raider was an adventure game that made sure you are glue to the controller until you finish that stage. The game was also available on some mobile app store back then which made it more addictive.

4. Crash Team Racing

For those who loved racing game, you definitely know about crash team. It was the in game back then. Everyone who had playstation, had this game.

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