Tuesday, 25 October 2016

4 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your 3G Internet Connection


Hi everyone, We know 4G LTE is the in-thing right now, but hey,  that’s still very recent in Nigeria and some other countries with a few phones configured to support that technology. So we pretty much have the majority of phones owned in this part of the World thriving in the realms of 3G internet connectivity.

Here, we’ll talk about a few helpful tweaks that you can make to your Android phone to speed up your 3G mobile connection:

• Use Opera Max Browser

This is truly the one-stop shop for anyone looking to take control of their data usage and maximize their browsing speeds.

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Although this app was designed with crowded wifi networks in mind, a lot of the functionality that it brings you translates well to 3G use.

• Facebook Lite

Frankly speaking, Facebook, is simply the baddest of all. So far as data use is concerned. Swapping to Facebook Lite is an excellent way to cut down on both of these over-uses. The app was basically designed for users who aren’t able to access the world’s most popular social network on state-of-the-art internet networks. It focuses on giving users a reliable Facebook experience while simultaneously soaking up the least amount of bandwidth possible.

• Disable Images In Your Browser (Text Only Browsing)


One of the tricks for the fastest possible internet experience is to try putting your browser in “Text Only” mode. Well, not all browsers support this option, but it can be found in most settings menus.

Turning your browser to “Text Only” will prevent it from loading images, which constitute the bulk of internet traffic. There are also a ton of “Text Only” browsers available on the Play Store.

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• Uninstall Memory Hogging Apps


No doubt, Android is getting better at preventing apps from hogging memory. It’s possible that a handful of greedy background apps are causing your phone’s sluggishness in terms of speedy internet connections. Widgets also tend to be bigger offenders when it comes to memory use.

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To get the best internet experience possible on your phone, get rid of any widgets and uninstall any app you’re not actively using.

These are some of the best recommendations for increasing 3G connection speeds. Can you think of other ways that will help users get the most out of their 3G network?

Let us know in the comments section below.
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