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15 Weird Technology Facts You Probably Missed Out On Before Now

15 Weird Technology Facts You Probably Missed Out On Before Now

We’ve become so absorbed in some of the technology that we use that  we often forget were some of the things we rely on originated from, the history behind them and the weird facts that make us so dependent on them.

Below are some of the most bizarre and fascinating facts about tech products, the industry, and the people behind it all. These will most definitely make you appreciate the process of invention — and also inform you of the behind-the-scenes oddities of the industry.

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1. There are more than 682 million iPhones across the globe.

2. A red panda is native to the Himalayas and southwestern China. Translated, the English word for red panda is “Firefox,” which is where the browser gets its name.

3. The word robot comes from the Czech “robota.” In English, robota translates to “forced labor”

4. It’s impossible for your computer to be infected by a virus, just from opening an email message.

5. 70% of virus writers actually work under a contract for an organization.

6. Bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers were all invented by women.

7. Leonardo DA Vinci invented the scissors.

8. Close to 60% of the radiation that comes from a mobile phone goes directly to the users head.

9. The web, not indexed by search engines is said to be 500 times bigger than the current size of the indexed web.

10. The original URL for Yahoo was was

11. The name of the search engine Alta Vista came into existence when the word Vista was misinterpreted as “Alta Vista” on a white board.

12. Up until the 14th of September, 1995, domain registration was free.

13. The average person receives around 30 emails a day, 3 of these being spam.

14. Billions of hours are wasted online, spent, waiting for content to download.

15. The first “modern” computer was built in 1941 by Konrad Zuse in World War 2. He looked to funding from the Germans but was denied because they did not expect the war to last beyond Christmas.

Do you have more weird technology facts to share with us? Do share it via comments below.
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