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REVIEW: The Best Tablet In The World Isn’t The Apple iPad, You Know Right?

The Best Tablet In The World Isn’t The Apple iPad, You Know Right? -kraftyshare

Ok when we get to discuss with our customers and a great number of tablet users, there’s this craze about the iPad. You get to hear things like – “Is that an iPad ? (while pointing to a Samsung tablet)”‎ , “When will the latest iPad come out?”, “Do you guys have children’s iPad?”… and a lot more..

But you don’t blame them really. The iPad, though not the first functional slate computing device, changed the entire tablet space since it’s first launch on April 3, 2010. Since then, it’s evolved and become a worthy go-to info and media processing machine suitable for students and professionals alike.

Despite its commercial success that has seen sales in excess of 300Million units worldwide to date, you’re tempted to admit that the iPad is unarguably the Best Tablet In the World right?…

The iPad lost that spot about 2 years ago since Microsoft’s Surface Pro Tablet series hit the limelight

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Since the Pro 4 takes over from where the ‎Pro 3 left off, it becomes “unarguably” the Best and Most Powerful Tablet in the World presently. Still not convinced, let’s take a look at its s features:

• 12.3in PixelSense 2736x1824p display @267ppi
• 6th Generation Intel Core m3/i5/i7 CPU
• 4/8/16GB RAM, ‎128/256/512GB/1TB SSD (ROM)
• 8MP main camera with autofocus, 5MP front facing camera
•‎ Windows 10 OS Pro
• Face-scan sign-in
• ‎Dolby Surround Audio Premium speakers
• USB 3.0, microSD slot, Surface Pen (stylus)
• 9hrs of optimal battery life

I knew you’d acknowledge that….lol… but then, such powerful features defy the realms of just a regular tablet as the Surface Pro 4 is indeed a versatile 2-in-1(laptop and tablet) in its true sense‎.

It’s specs and functionality don’t only put it ahead of tablets like the iPad and o‎there, it’s ranked ahead of Apple’s MacBook Air as well as ahead of some of the best laptops too.

The Surface Pro 3 sells for N370k, while the Surface Pro 4 sells for ‎N560k.

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